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Ecology Poems by Emma Ingelsson Alkbring

Emma Ingelsson Alkbring is a distant relative of AU staff member Christine Nelson. The poems are based on Emma's experience of the "V?sterbotten and southern Lappland" region, including some thoughts about contacts with Finnish and Saami language and culture. She presented the poems at the “Wise Use of Peatlands” conference in Tampere, Finland, June 2004. These poems are published with the permission of the author.

Understanding - To the students of Wetland Ecology

Understanding - quality and quantity
Understanding - processes and processing
The choice is yours.

Understanding – peace and pain
I try to never strike in vain.

Understanding – future, past and present
Now is the moment God send.

Before you choose there is only one demand
Make sure you understand.

3rd of May 1999

The Empire and the Song

Over hills and plain
An ancient song was ringing
The government tried to explain

“We won't let you go on singing
Here we want things practical and clear
When we don't understand, we want mysteries to disappear"

The empire did fail
The song still prevail
And what can be greater than a humble heart?
If you want to sing that's how to start

Whenever you are looking over hills and plain
Whenever there's a feeling you cannot explain

15th of May 1999

Looking out

Looking out to flowers, trees and birds and other things existing
I spend no more effort to follow my heart
Than others spend resisting
Thinking that would save them energy
I look at them and they look empty

Open up to giving and receiving
Here is a view I find relieving

Information is impersonal – just a set of code
Understanding is relational and that's another mode

Looking at the world I am a part of, all I see
Contribute to my sense of harmony
Then fall into my memory
And become a part of me

29th of September 1999


Between the natural and the divine.
It is difficult to draw a line.
I feel for you affection: that we do have a connection.
Something genuine
Something ancient
I'm also sad; I never said what I meant.

I want to say it now, if I dare
My wish is to be a child in your care

12th of July 2001

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